RMI Hosted Business After Hours on August 21st, 2014

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RMI hosted its first ever Business After Hours event on August 21st.    Scavenger Hunt invitations were sent out to all Grand Forks Chamber Members in early August encouraging them to find the 5 items on the scavenger hunt list to bring to the event to recycle.  

Over 240 member attended BAH.  Dinner was catered by L&M Meats, with all the grilling provided by Alerus Financial.  Dinner included:  Hamburgers, Brats, Beans, Potato Salad and Fruit Salad.

For Door Prizes, RMI had set up a Deal or No Deal game plateform.  There were 26 Deal or No Deal cases corresponding to 26 door prizes.  As a person's name was selected out of the door prize box, they could select a case and uncover their prize.  Prizes included fleece blankets, solar powered phone chargers, tailgate coolers, stainless steel winestoppers, Nightlight/emergency flashlights, ceramic knife sets, binoculars, poker set, a set of UND Football tickets, $100 Toasted Frog gift certificate and $100 L&M Meats gift certificate.

At the end of the night we announced that Nick Stromsrud had brought in the highest dollar amount of recyclable metal $205.00 and won two tickets to the UND Stoney Brook Football Game.  The last prize went to a young lady that brought in the most items on the scavenger hunt list and she won 2 ticket s to the UND Providence Hockey Game.

Rmi also gave out Stainless Steel Drinking glasses to all that attended the BAH event.