NonFerrous Pricing

Please call 701-746-9381 for current prices of commodities listed below:


  Bare Copper Wire

  #1 Copper (Clean)

  #2 Copper (Clean)

  #1 Ins Wire Heavy 

  #1 Ins Wire 

  #2 Ins Wire


  Soft Lead

  Lead Wheel Weights

  Range Lead


  Aluminum Painted Siding

  Aluminum Cans

  Aluminum Cans (weight over 100 lbs)

  Aluminum Sheet

  Aluminum Auto Rims - no wts or valve stems

  Aluminum Truck Rims

  Aluminum Radiators (Clean)

  Copper/Alum Radiators (Clean)


  Electric Motors (inc Starters & Alternators)

  Aluminum Transmissions

  Lead Acid Batteries

​​​​​​​  Catalytic Converters


  Red Brass

  Semi-Red Brass

  Yellow Brass (Clean)

  Brass Radiators

  Heater Cores

Stainless Steel:

  304 Stainless Steel

  304 Stainless Steel Bulky

*** All prices are subject to change without notice ***