ND Scrap Laws effective as of May 1, 2013

Senate Bill No 2151 was created and passed and became effective as of May 1, 2013.  This Bill provides for the regulation of scrap metal purchases by scrap metal dealers. To comply with the this law Residual Materials is required to:

  Records / Identification Requirements:

  Record: Date, time and place of each scrap purchase

Description, weight and type of scrap metal purchased

Amount paid to the person selling or delivering scrap metal

Payment type:  cash (if under $1,000) check or EFT (if over $1,000)

Name and Address of person selling or delivering scrap metal

Copy of valid government-issued id card or driver's license:

(which must include seller or deliverer's full name, photograph, date of birth and signature)

  Exemptions to this law:

Purchases from another scrap metal dealer who regularly conducts scrap metal business

Purchases from government agencies

Purchases from Persons regularly engaged in the business of manufacturing at the retail or wholesale level including scrap processing or manufacturing that produces byproducts for scrap.

Purchases from people engaged in the generation or transmission of electricity or in telephone, telegraph or cable communications, if the person provides the scrap dealer with a bill of sale or written evidence of ownership of the scrap metal purchased from the person.