Ferrous Pricing and Guidelines

Please call 701-746-9381 for current prices of commodities listed below:

Prepared Steel (Under 3 feet by 18 inches)

Unprepared Steel - Including dirty motor blocks & tin

Shredder / Appliances

Mixed Steel

Cars / Vehicles

Buying Steel from RMI

* Steel - under 250 pounds is $0.30/lb
* Steel - over 250 is $0.20/lb (unless otherwise marked)
* Sales Tax is 6.75%
* Customers must pay in the office at time of purchase.

Guidelines for Steel Recycling

*  Steel must be clean of all rubber and plastic.
*  All fluids must be drained. 
*  Rims must have the lead weights taken off.
*  Steel Cable must be cut in 3 foot sections.
*  No Oil Filters, Sealed shock absorbers, or propane/freon tanks will be accepted.
*  We will take refridgerators or freezers if the freon has been reclaimed.
*  We do buy cars / vehicles with title.