Aluminum Guide

Aluminum: Silver to light gray, files easily, light weight, and does not spark when held to a grinder.


Varieties include:

Aluminum Breakage: Any aluminum product with more than 2% contaminates. Lawn furniture, folding chairs, crutches, scooters (wheel & trim removed), and car trim.

Cans: Pop or beer cans.  

Cast: Typically is unbendable, rough to the touch, and cracks under pressure. Cast is used in motor blocks and housings, transmissions and small engine parts. 

Clip: Unpainted sheet, new production materials 1/4" or less. 

Extrusion: Typically found in screen door and window frames. 

Old Sheet: Pots and pans, ladders, and radiators. 

Painted Siding: Exterior aluminum siding on houses.